Xavier School Of Economics (XSE)

Dedicated to Academic Excellence

Xavier School of Economics (XSE) aims to provide students with broad-based knowledge, advanced technical, communication and entrepreneurship skills.

Graduates here obtain skills which give them opportunity to explore and apply competency in the industry by integrating in-depth research, conceptual development, strategic thinking and problem solving. Through carefully planned structure of learning, the graduates will equip themselves with multi-disciplinary skills and practices.

The program aims to ensure that our graduates will be able to inculcate positive values and attitudes, stressing on ethics and professionalism, possess leadership quality and ethical teamwork spirit in the diverse cultures of the nation and across the globe. They will be provided with an educational experience that will motivate them to pursue lifelong learning.

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Mentors of XSE

  •       Prof Anjan Mukherji, Emeritus Professor, JNU

  •       Prof. M.H Suryanarayana, IGIDR

  •       Prof. Pulin B. Nayak, Former Director, Delhi School of Economics

  •       Prof. Chetan Ghate, Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi

  •       Prof. Manoj Panda, Director, Institute of Economic Growth, New Delhi

  •       Prof. Shubhashis Gangopadhyay, Research Director, India Development Foundation